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Why Choose Hot Dip Galvanized Jockey Wheels?

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Why Choose Hot Dip Galvanized Jockey Wheels?

Issue Time:2019-06-18

Why Choose Hot Dip Galvanized Jockey Wheels?

We knows that boat trailers are used to transport boats. Most of the boats are used in the sea.  Sea water is very corrosive as it contents salt. This is why 90% of boats trailers are made of aluminum or galvanized steel material.

The use of the boats trailer determines that the accessories used on it must have strong corrosion resistance. Not only the boat trailer frames need to be hot-dip galvanized, but boat trailer accessories and the jockey wheels should also be hot-dip galvanized instead of zinc plating.

       hot dip galvanized jockey wheels

Hot dip galvanized jockey wheels have several advantaged over zinc plating jockey wheels.

1. Coating of hot-dip galvanized is thicker and more resistant to corrosion than zinc plating.  Our hot-dip galvanized jockey wheel coating is more than 60μ. Hot-dip galvanized jockey wheels will not rust for a few years. But zinc plating jockey wheels will rust very soon if used in a humid environment.

2. The surface of the electroplated zinc has only a thin layer. It is very bright at the beginning but it will change color after a period. If the seller does not sell them in time, it will affect the sales because the changed surface. As the hot-dip galvanized coating is thick and stable, even if it is left for a long time, the surface color will not change. Seller do not need to worry about surface changing affecting sales.  

3. The surface of the zinc plating jockey wheel is easy to be scratch. If it is scratched the scratched area is easily rusted. The surface of the hot-dip galvanized is hard and is not easily scratched.


If your business is related to boat trailer parts do not hesitate to try hot dip galvanized jockey wheels. They can bring you surprise.

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