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Supply torsion axles capacity 1500 lb to 7000 lb

Haway is the leading and reliable trailer torsion axles manufacturer in China. We supply various kinds of torsion suspension axles. Both braked and without braked torsion axles are available. We produce half torsion trailer axle too. Half torsion axle is and independent torsion axle as the right and left side are not connected together.

torsion axle manufacturer

Torsion Axles Specifications & Models

Part No.CapacityBolt PatternBrakeSurface TreatmentLength
TA15460001500 lbs5x4.5''NoBlack PaintedCustom Length
TA15470001500 lbs5x4.5''NoGalvanizedCustom Length
TA22460002200 lbs5x4.5''NoBlack PaintedCustom Length
TA22470002200 lbs5x4.5''NoGalvanizedCustom Length
TA35460003500 lbs5x4.5''NoBlack PaintedCustom Length
TA35461003500 lbs5x4.5''Electric BrakeBlack PaintedCustom Length
TA35470003500 lbs5x4.5''NoGalvanizedCustom Length
TA35471003500 lbs5x4.5''Electric BrakeGalvanizedCustom Length
TA35560003500 lbs5x5''NoBlack PaintedCustom Length
TA35561003500 lbs5x5''Electric BrakeBlack PaintedCustom Length
TA35570003500 lbs5x5''NoGalvanizedCustom Length
TA35571003500 lbs5x5.5''Electric BrakeGalvanizedCustom Length
TA35472003500 lbs5x4.5''Disc BrakeGalvanizedCustom Length
TA52560005200 lbs6x5.5''NoBlack PaintedCustom Length
TA52561005200 lbs6x5.5''Electric BrakeBlack PaintedCustom Length
TA52570005200 lbs6x5.5''NoGalvanizedCustom Length
TA52571005200 lbs6x5.5''Electric BrakeGalvanizedCustom Length
TA52572005200 lbs6x5.5''Disc BrakeGalvanizedCustom Length
TA70660007000 lbs8x6.5''NoBlack PaintedCustom Length
TA70661007000 lbs8x6.5''Electric BrakeBlack PaintedCustom Length
TA70670007000 lbs8x6.5''NoGalvanizedCustom Length
TA70671007000 lbs8x6.5''Electric Brake GalvanizedCustom Length
TA70672007000 lbs8x6.5''Disc Brake GalvanizedCustom Length
Half Torsion Axle
HA35460003500 lbs5x4.5''NoBlack PaintedCustom Length
HA35461003500 lbs5x4.5''Electric BrakeBlack PaintedCustom Length
HA35560003500 lbs5x5''NoBlack PaintedCustom Length
HA35561003500 lbs5x5''Electric BrakeBlack PaintedCustom Length
HA52560005200 lbs6x5.5''NoBlack PaintedCustom Length
HA52561005200 lbs6x5.5''Electric BrakeBlack PaintedCustom Length
HA70660007000 lbs8x6.5''NoBlack PaintedCustom Length
HA70661007000 lbs8x6.5''Electric BrakeBlack PaintedCustom Length
We supply trailer axles to USA, Canada, Australia markets for many years. All axles meet local market standards. Our products get more and more popular because of the high quality and competitive price.
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Torsion Axles Application

Trailer torsion axle is a kind of trailer suspension system also called rubber torsion axle suspension. There are rubber cords in the axle beam tube to absorb the shocks. The rubber cords works as the same function as the trailer leaf springs. So the trailers with torsion axle kits do not need leaf springs. Torsion arm angle can be changed to make the trailer bed with torsion axles is very low. Because of these features torsion axles are widely used on boat trailers, car trailers, Caravan trailers and many other kinds of trailers.

Used on RV trailer

Used on horse trailer

used on car trailer

used on boat trailer

Torsion axle advantages

1.No metal to metal contact points:
The torsion suspension axle are mounted or welded on the trailer frame directly. No leaf spring needed. So not like leaf spring trailer suspension, there is no metal to mental contact points.
2.Quite and smooth ride
Torsion axle is made up of axle beam, torsion bar and rubber cords. The torsion bar are surrounded by 4 rubber cords in the beam. When the wheel moves up and down, the rubber cords compress offering an even wheel suspension for smooth ride. As there is no metal to metal contact it has a quite ride too.
3.Torsion trailer axle kit is safer
Unlikely leaf spring suspension there a many connecting points, torsion suspension trailer axle is bolted on or welded on trailer frame directly, which connected with trailer rigidly. if the suspension fails, the torsion the torsion axle kits can't detach itself from the trailer bed. But when break a leaf spring, A detachment can happen when a spring breaks on a standard trailer suspension.
4.Do not need much maintenance.
There are fewer working parts in the rubber torsion axle suspension units therefore less maintenance is required. Just need to bolt points about half a year.
5.Half torsion axle are best choice for custom trailers
Half torsion axle comes in two parts, the right and left side. The two sides do not span the width of the trailer. So half torsion axle are perfect for custom trailers.