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We supply a comprehensive range of trailer parts, but cannot assure to meet every customer's requirements. If you do not find the product you want on our website, you can contact us directly to enjoy our OEM or customized service.
OEM Service Are Provided in 3 Ways

Customer provides photos and sizes:

If you want to make a new parts but only have photos and several sizes. Do not worry. Our technical team can make engineering drawings or 3D drawings according to pictures and sizes you provided. Then send to you to check. If there are something wrong they modify the drawing until get your approval. Then we make sample or start to manufacture.

Customers provides sketches:

If you intended to develop a new product, but your company does not have people to make professional drawing or you just can supply a sketches. That is not a problem either. Our company have professional engineers to make drawings. They make drawings based on your information and send to you to check. Engineers keep modifying and improve drawings until you are satisfied.

Customer provides sample:

In this condition technical team still make drawings based on sample and send to you to confirm. Why we still make drawing even having sample? If produce just based on sample it is possible to make mistake. In order to avoid measurement mistake or ignore important dimensions, technical team make drawings based on sample. We will not product until you confirms that everything on drawings is correct, which can avoid mistake as much as possible. Drawing is basic requirement to make correct part, as drawings can tell workers each dimension more clearly then a sample.
OEM flow chart

It is fine if you have your technical team. Even you have small company without engineer you can still develop new products. We can help you do what you cannot do currently and help your business grow. Our confidence comes from professional technical team, advanced equipment and decades of experience.

Most people need is not just a products producer but a solution provider or promoter of their business. Haway is that kinds of company to provide trailer parts as well as solutions.