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Supply 2000 Lbs To 7000 Lbs Trailer Leaf Spring Axles

Haway is the professional & leading leaf spring trailer axles manufacturer in China. We supply spring axles rated 1500lbs to 7000lbs; Both painted and galvanized axles are all available here; Whether you need leaf spring trailer axles with or without brakes, we can supply.

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Spring Trailer Axle Specifications & Models

Part No.CapacityBolt PatternBrakeSurface TreatmentLength
SA22460002200 lbs5x4.5''NoBlack PaintedCustom Length
SA22470002200 lbs5x4.5''NoGalvanizedCustom Length
SA35460003500 lbs5x4.5''NoBlack PaintedCustom Length
SA35461002200 lbs5x4.5''Electric BrakeBlack PaintedCustom Length
SA35470003500 lbs5x4.5''NoGalvanizedCustom Length
SA35471003500 lbs5x4.5''Electric BrakeGalvanizedCustom Length
SA35560003500 lbs5x5''NoBlack PaintedCustom Length
SA35561002200 lbs5x5''Electric BrakeBlack PaintedCustom Length
SA35570003500 lbs5x5''NoGalvanizedCustom Length
SA35571003500 lbs5x5''Electric BrakeGalvanizedCustom Length
SA35572003500 lbs5x4.5''DiscBrakeBlack PaintedCustom Length
SA60560006000 lbs6x5.5''NoBlack PaintedCustom Length
SA60561006000 lbs6x5.5''Electric BrakeBlack PaintedCustom Length
SA60570006000 lbs6x5.5''NoGalvanizedCustom Length
SA60571006000 lbs6x5.5''Electric BrakeGalvanizedCustom Length
SA60572006000 lbs6x5.5''DiscBrakeGalvanizedCustom Length
SA70660007000 lbs8x6.5''NoBlack PaintedCustom Length
SA60561007000 lbs8x6.5''Electric BrakeBlack PaintedCustom Length
SA60570007000 lbs8x6.5''NoGalvanizedCustom Length
SA60571007000 lbs8x6.5''Electric BrakeGalvanizedCustom Length
SA60572007000 lbs8x6.5''Electric BrakeGalvanizedCustom Length
SA000000based on customer requirementbased on customer requirementbased on customer requirementbased on customer requirementCustom Length
We Supply Trailer Axles To USA, Canada, Australia Markets For Many Years. All Axles Meet Local Market Standards. Our Products Get More And More Popular Because Of The High Quality And Competitive Price.
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Spring Trailer Axle Application

We produce leaf spring axles with capacity 2000 lbs to 7000 lbs. The axles can be used on most of light duty trailers like, utility trailers, box trailers, car trailers, snowmobile trailer, livestock trailers, camping trailers etc. The axle can be black painted surface finish or galvanized surface finish. Galvanized axle is ideal choice for boat trailer, PWC trailer and And other trailers that are often used in the water.

Used on utility trailer

used on cargo trailer

used on box trailer

used on PWC trailer

We Can Provide High Quality Axles With Compeititive Price And

  • Sample To Test Quality
  • Short lead Time
  • Professional Service
  • 1 year warranty