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These Points You Should Not Ignore About Aluminum Trailers

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These Points You Should Not Ignore About Aluminum Trailers

Issue Time:2020-05-18
These Points You Should Not Ignore About Aluminum Trailers
Recently years aluminium trailer becomes more and more popular. Many people choose aluminium trailers because they think aluminium trailers is lighter and more corrosion resistance. The expensive look and feeling of aluminium trailer is also a reason that people choose them. Is aluminium trailer really better and lighter than steel trailer? Is there a kinds of trailer not as expensive as aluminium trailer but still as good as it?  

Most aluminium trailers have a very nice-looking and giving people a expensive feeling. They are indeed expensive than steel trailers. There are two reasons: 1. Pound for pound and foot for foot, aluminum costs more than steel, that means aluminium trailer price is high than steel ones with same weight. 2. You can see that most aluminium trailer use larger and stronger beams. This is because the aluminium is not as strong as steel. If bearing same weight the aluminium trailer must be stronger than steel trailer thus much more material are used.Considering this aspect, the aluminium trailer with same loading capacity is expensive than steel trailer. This is why there is not a big difference between the weight of aluminum trailers and steel trailers with the same loading capacity.

Never getting rusty is the biggest advantaged of aluminium. Many boat trailers and livestock trailers including horse trailer are made of aluminium material. They will not get rusty even immersed in salt water or havocked by animal urine.

Now the manufacturers of steel trailers are also looking for solution to improve the corrosion resistance of steel trailers so that the trailers can be used for a longer time. The commonly used method is getting galvanized then powder coated or painted. Hot Dip Galvanizing is an effective way to against corrosion. (When buy or build a trailer make sure steel is hot dip galvanized not zinc plating.) After galvanized and painted the steel trailer can also last long time.

It is not easy to say steel trailer or aluminium trailer is better. But there is a kind of hybrid trailer which is really a idea choice. This kinds of trailers are built by steel and aluminium material together. The most common is the hybrid boat trailers. Steel material is used on drawbar and crossmember, where bearing much stress. Aluminum is used for the areas that receive little stress. Fiberglass is also used on horse trailer and caravan trailers. With this design,weight can be kept to a reasonable level without sacrificing structural integrity. In addition,the price can be kept below that of an all-aluminum trailer.

Compared with full aluminium trailers, hybrid trailer is a better choice. 

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