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Single Axle Trailer Suspension VS Multiple Axles Trailer Suspension

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Single Axle Trailer Suspension VS Multiple Axles Trailer Suspension

Issue Time:2020-09-03
Single Axle Trailer Suspension VS Tandem Axle Trailer Suspension
When talking about trailer suspensions the most common one is leaf spring trailer suspension. Although the independent torsion axle suspension occupies part of the market, leaf spring trailer axles are still the most used.
Some trailers with one axle, but some trailers use 2 or 3 axles. Regardless the weight capacity, single axle suspension and multiple axle suspension have their strong points and week points.
Single-axle trailers are more efficient to pull and allow for better fuel mileage. Here are some key points to consider.

Trailer Suspension
1.Trailers with single axle suspension are less expensive than dual-axle trailers, require far less maintenance, and are easier to maneuver.

2.Single axle trailers minimize stress on the frame because they apply a simple vertical load at four points on the frame.

3.The trailers with single axle suspension are easy to set up. Because the axle position is usually correct and the manufacturer do not need to pay much attention the the axle position.

4.Single axle leaf springs suspension can take up a lot of room under the trailer and limit how close the bed can be to the ground. This limitation is especially true if the axle is located below the leaf spring.The bed will be high, and the loads you carry will be equally high. This is true for most leaf spring axles. This is also the disadvantages of leaf spring trailer axles compared with torsion trailer axles. 
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Trailer Axles
The multiple axle trailer suspension is the trailer use two or 3 axles on one trailer. Multiple axles suspension are used when loads are large or too heavy for a standard single axle or the trailer is quite long.
The biggest advantages of multiple axle trailer suspension is that they distribute a simple load fairly well to several different points on the frame. The loading weight are shared by the rocker link between two leaf springs. 
Like single axle suspension the the distance between trailer bed and ground are high. Multiple leaf springs trailer suspension take up a lot of space and pose serious limitations on bed height.
Different variations on multiple leaf springs exist, but the load sharing for the rear axle is typically not as well constrained as the front, so these trailers tend to be less stable than a simple single-axle trailer.
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