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7000 lb Trailer Axles With Idler Hub Wholesale Manufacturer

7000 lb Trailer Axles With Idler Hub Wholesale Manufacturer
CategoriesLeaf Spring Trailer Axles
BrandHaway Trailer Parts Manufacturer
Model7000 lb
Typeleaf spring trailer axle
Capacity7000 lbs
Surface Finishblack painted
BrakeNo brake
Hubidler hub
bolt pattern8 bolts on 6.5''
FOB portQingdao
Terms of PaymentL/C, D/P, Western Union, T/T, Paypal
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Update TimeNovember 29,2022
Detail Information

7000 lb Trailer Axles With Idler Hub Wholesale Manufacturer


● Weight capacity: 7000 lbs

● Beam tube size: φ76mm

● Hub face to hub face length:  custom

● Spring center distance: custom

● Hub: idler hub

● Bolt pattern: 8 bolts on 6.5’’

● Outer bearing: 22580/20

● Inner bearing: 15123/245

● Dust cam diameter: 62mm

● Zerk: there are zerks on trailer spindles

● Surface finish: black painted 

● Brake mounting flange:  with brake mounting flange. 

Featrure of 7000 lb trailer axles with idler hub

● 7000 lbs trailer axle is the most heavy duty axle we made. They are made of most heavy duty material. 

● The hub and drum are with 8 bolts. It is also called 8 lug trailer axle. 

● Trailer axle kits with leaf springs and mounting hardware are available too. 

● Surface finish of 7000 lb trailer axle with idler hub can be black painted or hot dip galvanized. 

Contact us to get quotation now. 

Note: We are a trailer axle manufacturer in China. Considering transport cost, we do wholesale only and do not do retail. Minimum order quantity is 10pcs. But we can supply one or several samples to trailer manufacturer or trailer parts dealer. 

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers about 7000 LBS Trailer Axles

● What is the lug pattern on a 7000 lbs trailer axle?

The lug pattern is 8 bolts on 6.5'' for 7000 lbs trailer axle. 

● What size tube is a 7000 lb trailer axle made of?

the tube used as 7000 lb trailer axle beam is 76mm round tube. Thickness is 8mm.

● What is the MOQ of your trailer axle? 

We are the trailer axle manufacturer in China. All the axles are made based on customer's requirement and order quantity. So our price is very competitive but MOQ is relatively big. 

MOQ for our axles is 30-50. If you also order other parts from us, MOQ can be smaller. 

● Do you supply leaf spring kits that suitable for 7000 lbs trailer axle?

Yes, leaf springs and other components can be supplied together with trailer axles. 

● Do you have dealer in USA or Canada? 

 We do not have dealers in any other countries. We have customers, who buy axle from us and resales. You can buy axles from them with a very competitive price. 


We can supply E-Z lube axle, which with grease nipple and special dust cap. 

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