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Torsion Axle With Brake Kit For Trailer 5200 lbs

Torsion Axle With Brake Kit For Trailer 5200 lbs
Torsion Axle With Brake Kit For Trailer 5200 lbsTorsion Axle With Brake Kit For Trailer 5200 lbsTorsion Axle With Brake Kit For Trailer 5200 lbs
CategoriesTorsion Trailer Axles
BrandHaway Trailer Parts Manufacturer
TypeTorsion Axle
Surface Finishpowder coating or galvanized
BrakeElectric brake
FOB portQingdao
Terms of PaymentL/C, D/P, Western Union, T/T, Paypal
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Update Time2022/9/28
Detail Information

Specification Of Torsion Axle With Brake Kit For Trailer 5k

Weight Capacity
Beam SizeDrum Bolt Pattern
BearingSurface Finish
80 x 80mm6 bolts on  5.5''
electric brake
Inner bearing:15123
Outer bearing: 25580
painted or galvanized 

This torsion axle is with electric brake. Weight capacity is 5200lbs.

We make custom length of torsion axles. 

Features Of Torsion Axle With Brake Kit For Trailer

1. This rubber Torsion Trailer Axles are with electric brake, which is the safest brake. It is the best choice for car trailers, horse floats, ATV trailers.

2.We use the best electric brake parts and drums which are same as that Dexter and AL-KO use. Our axle is both durable and safe.

3.We accept OEM and custom products. If you have any requirement just let us know. We can produce the torsion axles based on your specification.

4.All the axles are use high grade steel tube. They are more strong and durable. 

5. Both painted and galvanized surface finish torsion axle are available here.

6. Torsion Axle With Brake Kit For Trailer do need leaf springs. It works by using rubber cords inside the axle tube to handle suspension travel and shock absorption.

7. Not like leaf spring trailer axles mounted on leaf spring,  Torsion Trailer Axles are bolted or welded directly to the trailer frame.

8.The trailer assembled with Torsion Trailer Axles has a lower bed.  So it is  more stable and easy to load and unload.

Brief Introduction About Trailer Axle Manufacturer

Haway has been manufacturer trailer part more than 10 years. We are top 3 manufacturers in China.

We put quality on the first place. We promise 3 year warranty for all our products. 

There are professional technical teams to serve our customers. We can provide 3D drawings to our custom for free. 

We have our own big factories and advanced equipment. Please visit ABOUT HAWAY to know more about us. 


Price Of Torsion Axle With Brake Kit

As we are the manufacturer of torsion trailer axles our price is more competitive than the dealers. You can save 20%-30% dealing with us. 

Below is the price range of torsion axle with electric brake: 

2200lbs torsion axle with electric brake US$99 to US$190
3500lbs torsion axle with electric brake US$119 to US$200
5200lbs torsion axle with electric brake US$139 to US$250
6000lbs torsion axle with electric brake US$149 to US$289
7000lbs torsion axle with electric brake US$169 to US$299

Want to get an accurate price please email us ( and let us  know your specification (torsion axle weight capacity, length and order quantity)
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