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Trailer Leaf Spring Mounting Kit  includes various size of leaf spring hangers, tie plates, equalizers and bolts. 

The hanger kits can be used on 45mm and 60mm wide leaf springs for both single and tandem axles trailers.

Please contact us to exact sizes of hangers we supply. 


  • Trailer Leaf Spring Mounting Kit  are also called spring hanger kits refers the parts that connecting spring to trailer frame. 
  • Trailer Leaf Spring Mounting Kit  include spring front and rear hangers,  spring shackles, bolts, rockers, leaf spring equalizers and U bolts. We produce all these parts. 
  • Leaf spring parts vary based on different sizes and leaf springs. We make spring parts to suit 45mm and 60mm slipper spring, double eye springs and rocker roller springs and spring equalizers. 



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